call for papres

En esta sección se presenta un listado llamadas a autores (call for papers) de revistas académicas y editoriales para la futura publicación de artículos y capítulos de libros sobre diferentes materias relacionadas con el turismo.

The format of the dates is day/month/year



IV Coneference "Contemporary challenges of tourism and recreation" - 30/09/2021

I Congreso Internacional de Derecho de Turismo Colaborativo - 30/09/2021

ATHE Annual Conference. Hybrid and Virtual Experiences: Opportunity or Threat for Tourism Education and Industry? - 01/10/2021

VIII Congreso Internacional Científico-Profesional de Turismo Cultural (CITC 2022) - 19/10/2021

XVI Coloquio de Geografía Urbana. Procesos urbanos y turísticos en escenarios post-pandemia. Visiones sobre dos continentes - 31/10/2021

International workshop on “Smart Transport for Sustainable Tourism” - 15/12/2021

Tourism, Hospitality and Events: Innovation and Resilience during Uncertainty - 30/01/2022

17th World Leisure Congress 2022 - 07/02/2021

27th APTA conference - 27/02/2021

4th International Conference on Tourism and Business (ICTB) - 28/02/2022

10th EIASM International Conference on Tourism Management and Related Issues - 15/05/2022



Industry 4.0 and Implications for Tourism in the Asia-Pacific region - 30/09/2021

Queer Tourism Geographies - 30/09/2021

Call for Papers Via Tourism Review : Tourism as a biopolitical phenomenon - 30/09/2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Environment: Futuristic Management Perspectives and Practices - 30/09/2021

International Journal of Tourism Cities. Rethinking tourism in cities – alternative spaces and responsible practices - 30/09/2021

International Journal of Tourism Research. Contemporary issues and future trends in second home tourism and crisis research - 30/09/2021

Tourism Cities in Latin America - Issues, trends and innovation in urban tourism - 01/10/2021

The online and offline impacts of Covid-19 on arts and cultural marketing - 01/10/2021

Téoros. Revue du recherche en tourisme. Le tourisme à l'ère de la décol/onisation :Du dogme interculturaliste à la résurgence radicale - 15/10/2021

Tourism Geographies Call for Papers - Special Issue: "Emerging Media Technologies in the Tourist Encounter" - 15/10/2021

Frontiers in Sports and Active Living. "Can sport, tourism, leisure and events (SLTE) be powers for good?" - 15/10/2021

Special Issue on Food Waste and Sustainability in the Services Industries to be published in The Service Industries Journal - 15/10/2021

Stakeholder Complexity and a Sustainable Future for Tourism post COVID-19 - 30/10/2021

International Journal of the Sociology of LeisureOccupational Devotion and Lifestyle Entrepreneurship:  Doing what you love, loving what you do! 31/10/2021

Urban tourism politics: Towards new regimes of (im)mobilities - 31/10/2021

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.  Special Issue: Talent Management in the New Normal of Hospitality and Tourism - 01/11/2021

Management Letters / Cuadernos de Gestión. Special Issue: Consumer behavior on sustainability issues - 10/11/2021

Curated Impact Collection Annals of Tourism Research - Call for papers: Towards litter-free tourism - 16/11/2021

Repurposing and Repositioning Events: Real, Responsible and Revolutionary Futures - 19/11/21

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management SI: Experimentation for New Knowledge in Hospitality & Tourism - 30/11/2021

Advances in Tourism Image and Branding - 17/12/2021

Juornal of sustainable tourism. Generation Z: the Sustainable Tourism Generation? - 28/02/2022

Tourism Planning & Development. Special Issue on Tourism Innovation and Resilience During Uncertainty - 13/03/2022

Event Management Journal. Special Issue: Event Innovation and Resilience During Uncertainty - 13/03/2022

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.  Special Issue: Creating, Managing and Marketing Gastronomy Experiences in Hospitality and Tourism - 15/05/2022

ICT in Tourism Experience - 30/06/2022

Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism. Special Issue on Popular Culture Tourism and Regional Development - 31/07/2022



COVID-19 and tourism destinations: Impacts and prospects for recovery (Springer Nature) - 31/10/2021

Handbook on Food Tourism - 01/11/2021

Call for Book Chapters: "Tourism and  Mobilities" - 15/11/2021

Call for Book Chapters – The Eurovision Song Contest: Perspectives from Tourism, Events and Leisure Studies - 15/11/2021

Routledge Handbook of Trends and Issues in Global Tourism - 31/12/2021

Call for Case Studies for book chapters. Case based research in tourism, travel, hospitality and events: Rethinking theory and practice - 31/01/2022

New Series: The Tourist Experience (Emerald Publishing) - no due date

Call for book proposals. Routledge advances in Events research book series - no due date