call for papres

En esta sección se presenta un listado llamadas a autores (call for papers) de revistas académicas y editoriales para la futura publicación de artículos y capítulos de libros sobre diferentes materias relacionadas con el turismo.

Enciclopedia abierta de casos de estudio teóricos y de negocios innovadores en turismo. AIRTH Encyclopedia contributions welcome!



Call for Chapters: Innovation and Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Community Tourism. 23/11/2019

International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism – ICHTOUR. 24/11/2019

Special Issue of Tourism Econoics: “Panel Data Models in Tourism Research: Innovative Applications and Methods”. 29/11/2029


Call for Chapters for Over-tourism as Destination Risk: Impacts and Solutions. 01/12/2019

Special Issue of  Tourism Economics: “Africa Rising - Tourism Economics Research in Africa”. 01/12/2019

11th International conference Sustainable tourism, culture & sports. 01/12/2019

Call for chapters. The Sharing Economy: Perspectives, Opportunities and Challenges. 06/12/2020

Smart cities: Co-creating experiences, challenges and opportunities. 06/12/2020

Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality and Tourism. 15/12/2019

III Congreso Internacional de Sociología y Antropología del turismo. 15/12/2019

Call for book chapters. Planning and Managing Sustainability in Tourism, Hospitality and Events. 15/12/2019

10th Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management (AHTMM) Conference. 15/12/2019

Im|mobile lives in turbulent times: Methods and Practices of Mobilities Research. 18/12/2019

Sustainability. The Hospitality Industry in the 21st Century. 20/12/2019

Geosciences. "Sustainable Tourism,Geography and Spatial Planning" 31/12/2019

Sustainability. "Spatial analysis and spatial planning for sustainability in tourist cities". 31/12/2019

Special Issue on "Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics in Travel, Tourism and Leisure". 31/12/2019

International Conference on Societal Relationships with Nature in Tourism. 31/12/2019

 Journal of Spatial and Organizational Dynamics (JSOD). Special Issue "Tourism and Stakeholders’ Well-being ". 21/01/2019


Sensory and imaginary city mapping: methods of engaging with public urban spaces for cultural, physical, social and solitary leisure panel (U03). 08/01/2020

51st Annual Travel and Tourism Research Association International Conference 2020TTRA. 11/01/2020

AIRSI 2020. International conference focused on the application and effects of artificial intelligence and other new technologies that are part of the so called Industry 4.0. 15/01/2020

Tourism review: "Tourism and geopolitics: actors, issues, practices". 20/01/2020

Sustainability. Special Issue "Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship in Social, Sustainable, and Economic Development". 30/01/2020

Journal of Sustainble Tourism. Tourism and partnerships for the SDGs. 31/01/2020

Tourism Education Futures Initiative (TEFI) conference. Re-purposing tourism: engaging our radical in tourism education. 31/01/2020

Tourism Review International. Special issue "Tourism Microentrepreneurship". 01/02/2020


Tourism Hospitality & Events International Conference. 02/02/2020

 V Spring Symposium on Challenges in Tourism Development. 14/02/2020

Sustainability knowledge management and organisational learning. 15/02/2020

70th AIEST Conference of Ideas 2020. 23/02/2019

 Journal of Spatial and Organizational Dynamics (JSOD). Special Issue "Creative Tourism". 23/02/2020


Event Management. Special Issue Theme: Revisiting value co-creation and co-destruction in events. 14/03/2020

 Tourism Planning and Development journal Special Issue Theme: Revisiting value co-creation and co-destruction in tourism development. 14/03/2020

Ethics of tourism in times of social acceleration. 15/03/2020


8th ITSA Biennial Conference Culture, People, and Technology - the Driving Forces for Tourism Cities. 15/04/2020

7th Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference. 15/04/2020

AIBR International Conference of Anthropology AIBR under the theme HUMANITY: UNITY AND DIVERSITY. 15/04/2020

Event Management. Special Issue Title: Changing Perspectives in Fashion Events. 30/06/2020

 V. International Conference on Tourism Dynamics and Trends. 15/08/2020