call for papres

En esta sección se presenta un listado llamadas a autores (call for papers) de revistas académicas y editoriales para la futura publicación de artículos y capítulos de libros sobre diferentes materias relacionadas con el turismo.

Enciclopedia abierta de casos de estudio teóricos y de negocios innovadores en turismo. AIRTH Encyclopedia contributions welcome!



  12th OTIE International Conference on Islands Tourism - ICIT 2020. 31/03/2020


Big Data Analytics and Forecasting in Hospitality and Tourism. Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. 01/04/2020

Sharing Cultures: 7th International Workshop on Sharing Economy, Barcelona 2020. 02/04/2020

8th ITSA Biennial Conference Culture, People, and Technology - the Driving Forces for Tourism Cities. 15/04/2020

7th Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference. 15/04/2020

AIBR International Conference of Anthropology AIBR under the theme HUMANITY: UNITY AND DIVERSITY. 15/04/2020

12th Workshop Tourism Economics and Management. 15/04/2020

Justice, Mobility & Power: In Search of Ethical Encounters in Tourism. 21/04/2020


10th EIASM International Conference on Tourism Management and Related Issues. 15/05/2020

Smart Tourism Congress Barcelona. 31/05/2020



XIII International Conference on Tourism & Information Technology (TURITEC 2020). 06/06/2020

Event Management. Special Issue Title: Changing Perspectives in Fashion Events. 30/06/2020

International Journal of Event and Festival Management. The contribution of festivals and events towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 30/06/2020

Competitive Strategies for Hospitality, Tourism and Airline Businesses. Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. 01/07/2020

Journal of Spatial and Organizational Dynamics. Consumer Behavior in the Digital Age. 01/08/2020

V International Conference on Tourism Dynamics and Trends. 15/08/2020

Tourism, territories and Societies Special Issue of Téoros. 01/10/2020

Special Issue "New Research and Trends in Higher Education". 31/10/2020

Special Issue "Disability, Ageing, and Social Capital". 30/06/2021